Review of the Slot Game “Knight Hot Spots”

If you’re still craving the thrill of galloping throughout the kingdom on the back of your trusty pig, yes pig, then perhaps Knight Hot Spotz from Pragmatic Play is for you. It’s interesting to note that the studio recently did the dragons, damsels, and flowing-haired hero schtick in The Knight King, a position that gave out conflicting messages at the time. Knight Hot Spotz, in contrast to the previous game’s romantic fantasy theme, is a cartoonish adventure with little setting and few gameplay options.

If you decide to give Knight Hot Spotz a try, you’ll immediately be transported to a beautiful setting. There are butterflies everywhere, a sword is stuck in a rock to the left, and our heroes are puffing away on the other side of the screen. Maybe it’s the butterflies, but spring has sprung, and Knight Hot Spotz has welcomed its people with open arms.

When it comes to veteran gamblers, Knight Hot Spotz is not the slot machine with the most potential to challenge them. Even so, it’s an extremely risky slot machine, with a return to player value of 96.5% by default (ranked 4.5 out of 5). However, the setting can affect the return value, and players can load a stake anywhere from 25 p/c to £/€100 every spin. Since there are no Ante Bet or bonus buy free spins options in Knight Hot Spotz, players must settle with wagering on a single spin at a time.

A 5 reel, 4 row game panel with 25 paylines takes up most of the display area. Three or more consecutive OAK symbols on an active payline must fall in neighboring reels, beginning on the leftmost reel. Players can win 5 times their wager if they line up the lower-paying J through A symbols, or between 16 and 24 times their wager if they line up the higher-paying weapons, parchments, eggs, or pigs. In Knight Hot Spotz, the wild symbol may appear anywhere on the reels. This treasure chest acts as a wild symbol, replacing non-winning symbols to create winning combinations.

Features of the Slot Game, Knight Hot Spots

The original Knight Hot Spotz game has nothing to hide. In all honesty, we didn’t realize Knight Hot Spotz had many speeds until the bonus round began and we started getting free spins.

No Risk Turns

In Knight Hot Spotz, the scatter is the knight-themed emblem. The free spins bonus is activated by landing 6 or more scatter symbols. For every scatter symbol anywhere in view, players receive an additional free spin.

At the start of the feature, the locations of the scatters that triggered it are framed in. When a scatter symbol appears during a free spin, a frame will appear over it if one wasn’t previously present. The frame can be enhanced by a maximum of three times whenever a scatter lands on one of the highlighted areas. The frames stay up till the end of the round.

Once the free games are over, the highlighted spots are converted into cash symbols, and the entire value is rewarded. In general, the better your chances of winning, the more advanced your frame. The payout ranges from 1x to 6x, 8x to 10x, 10x to 12x, 20x to 25x, 50x to 60x, 100x to 150x, and 200x to 200x the wager. Finally, if you strike 4 or more scatters throughout the round, you’ll be awarded an additional free spin for each scatter that appeared on the spin that retriggered the bonus round.

Hotspots for Knights: The Slots’ Verdict

You can’t dispute that Knight Hot Spotz is an endearing video game. It’s not everyone’s idea of fun to wander the countryside saving dukes and damsels in distress, killing dragons, and engaging in bloody duels with invincible opponents just so they might have their names written in the annals of history. It’s possible that some heroes would be happier if they just walked about with a sword but never really used it, leading the way with their faithful pet piggy. Knight Hot Spotz could be fun to try if you’re the type of player that prefers the second option.

It took us about 500 feature-less spins of the main game to eventually activate the bonus round when we did the bash at the beginning of the article. The round was successful, but not to the point that enthusiasm for a second charge began to wane. Aside from the gorgeous kaleidoscope of playful butterflies, the main game is dull and offers little in the way of lasting entertainment. However, a bonus round frequency of 1 in 109 would imply that the delays don’t have to be very long, theoretically, so we must have been lucky at the beginning of the session. The element where you frame places to make money symbols worked fine once you got to coast in free spins. Those with a collecting addiction could agree with this. When compared to the number of slots, you shouldn’t count on winning an emperor’s fortune. Knight Hot Spotz isn’t the largest, beefiest, beardiest knight at the table, but it does have a maximum prize of 2,000x the stake tucked inside its gauntlet. Despite that, the hero has a magnificent beard.

It’s possible to have a good time with Knight Hot Spotz if you don’t mind showing off your talents in a lower paying position. The core gameplay is dull, and it will never be king of the hill. Money symbols are still popular in the online gaming world, and here’s another chance to collect them.

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